Digital advertising will never be the same.

Adwatch empowers transparency, simplicity and full control for digital advertisers.


Adwatch is independent and transparent.

Giving you full control and transparency to track campaigns correctly and fully maximise your ad spend.


Calling all who are committed to cleaning-up digital advertising.

Brands, media agencies, publishers, ad exchanges, DSPs, SSPs all have a role to play.

Rely on Blockchain

By leveraging blockchain technology, you can define the rules for each ad individually.  We make it happen easily and seamlessly.


The problems with digital advertising today

Complexity & transparency

It is difficult to fully understand where ads are being displayed and who is viewing your content.

Tech & middlemen

The number of middlemen means that digital advertising is difficult to track and is susceptible to ad fraud.

ROI & effectiveness

Digital advertising is notoriously difficult to measure. This makes it impossible to optimise your digital advertising strategy.



Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is estimated to have cost $65bn globally in 2022.  The UK, USA and China have suffered the most.


Adwatch changes all this. Learn more in our video

The solution

By leveraging blockchain technology, you define the rules for each ad individually.

Most importantly you will know whether real people or bots are viewing your ads.


You can trace the entire ad journey no matter where, or how many times the ad is being displayed.  This means you know exactly who your audience is.


By establishing immutable traceability, you no longer have to worry about buying fraudulent ads or impressions. The entire process is totally seamless.