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Adwatch is an AI-enabled, public blockchain-powered software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based solution.

For more information on how Adwatch helps brands stay safe and save money, request our brand sheet now.

For information on how Adwatch helps brands stay safe and save money, request our Agency sheet now.

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To understand the role Blockchain plays in digital advertising read on The Potential of Blockchain in Adtech and Programmatic blog to see how it works request a demo.

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Thanks to Adwatch, digital marketing will be reformed and trust and transparency resorted, but don’t just take our word for it… 

Ad fraud has been an issue in digital advertising for a long long time. There are some good tools and systems that help prevent it, but for many within the advertising ecosystem it doesn’t make sense to look too closely at the problem. Shining a light on the huge amount of fraud upsets the status quo between publisher agency and advertiser.

However, shining a light on Ad Fraud and ensuring that companies that publishers and ad verification companies are no longer able to “mark their own homework” can have a huge impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of ad campaigns. Ultimately removing ad Fraud from an advertisers campaign can save them a huge amount of money and make hitting the objectives easier & cheaper.

Ian Carrington

Industry Strategic advisor and former Google, MD, Performance Media Solutions, EMEA