Digital advertising will never be the same.

Adwatch empowers transparency, simplicity and full control for digital advertisers.


Adwatch is independent and transparent.

Giving you full control and transparency to track campaigns correctly and fully maximise your ad spend.


Calling all who are committed to cleaning up digital advertising.

Brands, media agencies, publishers, ad exchanges, DSPs, and adtech vendors, get in touch today.

Futureproof your business

By leveraging blockchain technology, advertisers can define rules for each ad individually. We make it happen easy and seamless for you.

Adwatch combines AI and Blockchain technology to deliver irrefutable impact metrics

Fill in the gaps
To maximise your ROAS, you need visibility of the entire ad journey, Adwatch enables this.

Decipher discrepancies

Say goodbye to doubts over why discrepancies occur across channels, partners and reporting.

Leverage Impact Insights

Improve performance using independent, irrefutable insights thanks to the immutable nature of the public blockchain

Know what's working

Discover where your ads are displayed, how well each channel performs, and why,  to improve all future campaigns.

Adwatch changes all this. Learn more in our video.

The solution

By leveraging blockchain technology, advertisers can define rules for each ad individually, for instance ad frequency, the IP address and what happens each time it is displayed.

The advertiser is able to trace the entire ad’s journey no matter where the ad is being displayed or how many times. This also allows the advertiser to better know who their audience are.

By establishing immutable traceability, advertiser will no longer have to worry about paying fraudulent traffic.
For advertiser’s, the entire process is totally seamless.