The Adwatch vision is to secure the entire programmatic advertising supply chain with a unified set of data that’s been verified, that’s secured by blockchain, and that’s free of discrepancies.

Adwatch Partners

We partner with adtech vendors , agencies, ad networks, publishers and marketing teams, to deliver TrustParency to programmatic advertising by leveraging the immutable nature of blockchain.

Our commitment to advertisers:

We want marketers to be able to properly evaluate their spend and work more efficiently with their partners. Request your campaign audit today.

Our commitment to agencies:

We ensure that agencies’ reporting is not compromised by results from vendors marking their own homework. Our agency partners have access to an up-to-date list of TrustParent publishers and ad verification vendors, allowing new campaigns to get off to a winning start

Our commitment to adtech and ad verification suppliers

We enable adtech and ad verification suppliers to understand and evidence the value and authenticity of their contribution to any campaign. Adwatch partners are trusted for providing an independent truthful lens on the good work they do.

Our commitment to publishers:

We want publishers of well-curated content that attracts real, high-value consumers to be acknowledged and rewarded for it. Publishers get Adwatch Certified to be added to our list of TrustParency Publishers.

Our commitment to ad networks:

We want to empower ad networks to be able to facilitate complete, unbiased reporting of campaign and publisher analytics.

The Adwatch Platform

Our technology starts with the Adwatch Protocol. A protocol of custom rule-setting for each campaign. We then use the public (Ethereum) blockchain to enforce, track, verify and report the truth of any advertising data across the entire programmatic advertising ecosystem.

The Underlying Technology

A blockchain protocol — like the Adwatch Protocol — simply refers to the software that determines the rules for how technology communicates on the blockchain, specifically between network nodes. Simply put, protocols allow us to access and operate the blockchain in very much the same way that HTTPS allows us to access the web.

The core function of the Adwatch Protocol is to write the rules for creating an accurate bespoke measurement of marketing data that’s free of discrepancies and fraud.

An independent source of truth

Our aim is to enable advertisers to determine and set all metrics important to them, and ensure they only appear in environments that meet their requirements, while leaving failing and unscrupulous players in the industry with nowhere to hide.


About Adwatch

The Adwatch, campaign analysis and ad fraud prevention platform helps Advertisers and Adtech players, who cannot afford (or are not willing) to accept the current digital advertising losses as inevitable, by employing blockchain technology to seal the gaps which currently exist in ad data processing and integrity checks. Unlike Ad Fraud detection (commonly known as “ad verification”) offerings which predominantly automate the checking of ad campaigns for fraud, AdWatch protects and tracks throughout the entire ad journey.

Adwatch is 100% Secure and, 100% Transparent, 100% of the time!