The Potential of Blockchain in Adtech and Programmatic – for advertisers

Introduction to Blockchain

In today’s programmatic advertising ecosystem, companies rely on third-party intermediaries
(called ad exchanges) to connect advertisers and publishers—but this connection comes at a cost. These middlemen charge fees for their service, which can be passed along to you, the advertiser and the publisher in the form of higher ad prices and a lower share of the revenue.
According to a report from IDC, global spending on blockchain solutions is expected to reach
more than $2.1 billion in 2019, an increase of 89% over 2018 spending levels, representing an
estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 81.2% between 2019 and 2025. This
staggering growth shows that there is significant interest in blockchain solutions within multiple
industries, including adtech.

Why Blockchain for Adtech

There are many solutions already, albeit not perfect, to the adtech issues described above,
although none are particularly innovative. And this is because, despite all the talk about
transparency over the past decade, there hasn’t been a big enough incentive for adtech players
to change their behaviour when it comes to targeting, measurement, and security. However,
there is a perfect technology gaining momentum across all major sectors which will change this –

What is Blockchain and how does it work?

In simple terms, blockchain is a distributed database that maintains a continuously growing list of
records, called blocks. Blockchains are built to be resistant to modification, which means they
can be used for highly secure transactions with high availability—even when parties are
anonymous or offline. In advertising, blockchain is an umbrella term used to describe a number
of different technologies. It could revolutionise adtech.

What are the new opportunities for advertisers?

When it comes to programmatic media buying, blockchain can help by improving programmatic
technology. By making digital transactions more secure, transparent, trustworthy and efficient —
all valuable features for advertisers who want to run campaigns programmatically — blockchain
can offer exciting opportunities for those looking to adopt programmatic media buying.

Understand the value of your ad spend at a glance

Most people know about blockchain’s ability to cut out financial middlemen, but there are many
more potential applications. With blockchain, you can easily see how your advertising spend
translates into actual revenue for your company—which is something that simply can’t be
accomplished with current programmatic solutions. You can also rest easy knowing that your
advertising isn’t running against bad or inappropriate content as it can be on Facebook,
YouTube, or other sites where ads can run against questionable material.

In Summary

Increased ROI, by guaranteeing access to verified audiences, and reduced wastage are just two
of the key benefits when utilising blockchain. Adwatch employs blockchain technology to track
and protect ad assets from origin to destination in real-time, whilst offering a new level of
granularity when it comes to purchasing online ads. This means you can deliver ads that are
more relevant for specific audiences, to the highest converting channels.

Adwatch for advertisers

Adwatch leverages the immutability of blockchain to provide independent tracking, measurement
and reporting, so that, at a glance, you know who to trust, who to steer clear of and exactly
which elements of your campaign are giving you the best bang for your buck.

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